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With more & more wedding venues prohibiting the use of traditional tissue wedding confetti, dried petals have become an increasingly popular choice by brides. Dried petals are eco-friendly ... they're 100% natural & biodegradable making them a great alternative to traditional wedding confetti.
Introducing our confetti petals ...
Our Premium Petals
The freeze-dried rose petals are our premium confetti range. So, what makes our freeze-dried petals so special ... The process of freeze-drying produces fantastic results with petals that don't shrink, they retain their shape, they don't discolour & feel soft to the touch. They almost appear like fresh petals. The freeze dried rose petals are purpose grown on a family farm in the US. After the petals are carefully harvested to minimise buising, the freeze-drying process begins. There's a lot of skill, care & hard work goes into producing our premium rose petals.
Our Luxury Petals
Our delphinium & wildflowers are our luxury confetti range. The petals are purpose grown on a farm in the UK. They are handpicked to minimise bruising & dried naturally so the petals keep their colours beautifully with no dyes added. There's a lot of care & hard work goes in to create our luxury wedding confetti.
Our Budget Petals
Our air dried rose petals are perfect for brides on a budget. Ideal for use as throwing confetti. Why are they cheaper than other confetti? Air dried rose petals are a little more brittle than a luxury dried petal & as such don't retain their petal shape the same as other products - the petals tend to be broken pieces rather than full petals (so there might be a little dustiness too) & they are heavier so will fall faster. But they still work great as throwing confetti & retain all the eco-friendly perks of dried petal confetti.
Our eco-friendly approach doen't stop at our dried petals ... all our loose confetti petals (sold by the litre) are packaged in recyclable plastic bags. Plus, we've a growing range of eco-conscious presentation ideas for your wedding confetti petals. We now create, confetti cones handcrafted from 100% recycled paperstock with personalised design options available. Our clear confetti envelopes come with a personalised backing card crafted from 100% recycled cardstock & are packaged in compostable clear envelopes that are fully biodegradable.
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