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  Pyrotastic Fireworks

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Enchant your guests with a magical display to light up the skies!
In an age where weddings are becoming increasingly lavish, more and more couples are turning to firework displays to help add an extra-special element to their dream day. If you would like your wedding to go with a bang, you can trust Pyrotastic Fireworks to make it happen. Passionate about all things pyrotechnic, Pyrotastic Fireworks are at the forefront of technical and design innovation for wedding displays and can create an affordable, bespoke display suitable for venues and weddings of all sizes.
To mark your special occasion, the experienced, professional technicians and firework display designers will work with you to create something that meets your wishes and your budget and is guaranteed to delight your audience. This highly professional, yet flexible service ensures that all displays can be customised to give you the perfect visual effect, whether you want quiet fireworks, loud explosions or even your specif


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