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At Mia Maia we love creating weddings flowers.

We love everything about it.
We want you to love everything about it too.

We have two different Wedding Services depending on your desired level of involvement in the floral elements on your wedding day.

Bespoke Wedding Service

Our bespoke wedding service starts with a free initial consultation at our shop. We begin by exploring your general ideas (or start generating some), find out what you like, and try to narrow down the choices. We will be talking about which flowers you require, be it bridal flowers only or ceremony and/or venue flowers, colours, style, if you have a particular theme in mind, and how to match it all to your chosen budget.

If you chose our bespoke service you will benefit from plenty of one-to-one attention which may include time to look through many books, magazines, images etc with you, joint visits to your ceremony and/or reception venue, creative advice and inspiration. We will set up a private photo-share so we can continually exchange images and ideas and "likes" (and "not-likes") so that the flowers on your wedding day become everything you dream of.

Wedding Packages

If you want to take the "fuss" out of Wedding flowers, you want something beautiful on the day but you do not wish to, or have the time to, engage in detailed design consultations and decisions around every little detail, we have created some set packages for you to chose from.

You can browse and order our wedding packages online

Each package offers particularly good value since we have removed the most time consuming elements and ask you to chose from a set "menu" of the most popular styles and colour schemes. In the days leading up to your wedding we will chose from the best quality seasonal flowers and foliages to match your chosen style and colour, however, we cannot take any specific flower requests. Where stated, the package include delivery to one location but no special set-up or individual dressing of your venue.


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