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The wedding breakfast - your first meal as a married couple. You two, the new unit, entertaining the people who mean most to you. WHY then does the food at weddings always seem so ordinary. This is an important occasion. You love food and you have spent a lot of time and money getting everybody gathered on your special day, so why risk 'ordinariness'.

With Kemp & Kemp Catering we make sure the catering part of your day is very special indeed. Four ways we make sure..

1. We LOVE food and we've travelled so know what great food is. We make every dish ourselves, so nothing is ever 'brought-in' and then warmed up. The result is - amazing taste and equally stunning presentation. Our butcher lives around the corner and knows all the local farmers personally, so our meat has not travelled very far.

2. As we make all the food (including all sauces), we NEVER limit you on your choice of menu. No set menus, no lists, no Menu A or Menu B. We sit down with every client and devise with them the menu of their dreams.. precisely what they want to eat, whether that's our home-made pies, sausage and mash with to-die-for gravy, or fillet of beef Wellington, there really are NO LIMITS to what you can choose to eat at your wedding.

3. We are natural project planners and help you devise a plan for the day that ensures the choreography is perfect.. this means neither the food or the guests are left standing about and wilting, and the food is served at its very best using WONDERFUL smiley, attentive staff.

4. We don't spring horrible surprises on you like a staffing charge or corkage (what on earth is corkage all about?). We pour all your own daytime drinks as part of our price, and we do it so efficiently you won't notice us.

So we deliver fabulous food, smiley service and perfect planning - 'catering with passion' we call it.


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