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At a recent wedding, the Groom said to me that having me at their wedding was just like having another friend there… only one with a good camera. That meant a lot to me because that is part of what I strive to be. First and foremost I am there to take great pictures and document the occasion, but I also want to make my clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. This way I get the best results for you.
My style is informal, relaxed, emotive and above all honest. I seek out the moments that are filled with love, excitement and fun. The moments you just can’t stage. And beyond the ceremony and the people, I will always endeavour to capture as much of the detail of your wedding as possible. The venue, the surroundings, the seasonal environment on the day, the finishing touches – everything. When you pull it all together it builds to tell a visual story.
I’m based in Manchester, but enjoy working everywhere. The packages I offer are straightforward to try and keep things


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