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Save with style: 7 wedding tips for saving money

With creative ideas and some clever tricks you can get a lot for your money and even make the banker (whoever that may be!) happy. When I got engaged we had a lot of luck, happiness and love but not a lot of money for the wedding. Here are 7 tips on how to save money:

1. Set prorities

Decide the two or three aspects of your wedding that are really close to your heart. For us it was the setting, meal and band. We saved on the cake by using Greg’s cupcakes (other cupcake providers are available!), made the table planning guide, let the ushers and bridesmaids buy their own gear and got a friend to make the wedding stationery (invites etc.). A friend collected old cups for a year to use at her wedding.

2. Borrow Things

If there are items you can borrow to use at the wedding then this can be a way to save money. Often old family relics such as old candlesticks, preserving jars, lace corners, crochet covers, copper cans, tea light holders are all the more beautiful. With a little creativity and beautiful flowers, you can create a great table decoration. And if you can’t find it at your relatives then flea markets are also a great way to find table decorations!

3. Buy in the Sales, at Retail Outlets or Used Designer Clothes

Many bridal fashion stores or bridal designers offer once or twice a year sample sales, on which you get really good discounts on gorgeous wedding dresses! Other ideas include buying in the sales at retail outlets and used designer clothes shops.

4. Wedding Stationery

There are numerous stationery templates on many blogs, i.e. free downloadable stationery items, such as gift tags, table numbers or invitation cards. These printed on high-quality paper will look professional and are completely free!

5. Compare prices

Sounds so simple and so easy to do, but is often forgotten. Really thoroughly compare the prices – and make sure you read the small print. What is really included in the package? What is extra? Are there any differences between the packages? Are they justified by higher quality? What is important to you?

6. Bring your own alcohol

Even though you may have to pay a surcharge (corkage) cost if hiring out a venue it can often be cheaper to bulk buy the alcohol. At the evening party let the guests pay for their drinks or if you are going to have free drinks set a price limit just in case someone decides to experiment with expensive cocktails!

7. Flowers and Decoration

Flowers that are not in season will cost more money so if you know the seasonal ones you can save a lot! Your florist can give you advice on the ones in season.

Select one to two main flowers. You can quickly spice up the table with other decor elements – lanterns, tea lights, etc. Consider adding twigs, ferns, green leaves to your decorations (along with the flowers) as this is usually much cheaper than just flowers and available all year.

Consider using your flowers at your ceremony and then getting them moved to use as decoration at the meal or evening party.

8. Other Ideas

  • Rather than a photographer at the evening party use disposable cameras placed throughout the venue
  • A photo booth does not have to be expensive! How about a Polaroid camera and hand-made fancy dress?
  • Wedding Insurance – this is an extra cost but could save you big time if anything unforeseen happens
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