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Introducing The Inspiration Gallery

If you are looking for ideas, themes and colors for your wedding then you’ll find plenty of ideas in our new inspiration gallery!

Create your own online wedding scrapbook, without needing to shred a load of magazines!

Save time, money (and glue free fingers!) with the online wedding inspiration gallery.

Members can save images to their own personal gallery based on colour themes, styles and categories.

Inspiration Gallery

1. Choose your images
Save Images

2. Save them to your inspiration gallery
Your own personalised gallery

3. View and show your gallery
Adding Images to Your Inspiration Gallery
  • 1. Firstly make sure you are registered. To register click here
  • 2. Visit the main wedding inspiration gallery and search for the images you want
  • 3. To add an image to your inspiration gallery click the white heart at the top right of the image. A pink heart means its already in your gallery
  • 4. To view your gallery select it from the Members Area menu or click here

Once you have created you own Inspiration Gallery (you can add as many images you like), show them to the wedding venue (or other suppliers) to help them understand the style you are after or to friends or family to see what they think of your theme.

Want to create your own inspiration gallery? Click here to register and if you are already registered then click here to login to access this useful tool.

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