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How to find a wedding location – some quick tips

Finding a wedding location is often a true journey … Too small, too far away, no overnight accommodation, no place to stay nearby, too expensive … It is not always easy to find the perfect place to celebrate your wedding day. Here are some tips on how to make finding a wedding venue less stressful.
There are number of factors that are worth thinking about to see if they may affect your venue choice:

  • Consider your guests – numbers, where they live, ages
  • What style and mood does the couple want? Relaxed or formal? All indoors or a mix of indoors and outdoors?
  • Are older guests participating and is accessibility essential?
  • Are many children attending and so would a great outdoor space be a good idea?

Depending on your exact requirements will determine the number of rooms, size and specification.


Don’t forget to consider how to get there, are there enough parking spaces available, can you travel by public transport, would laying on a coach to pick up guests be easier? A central location may be more practical, especially in the city and if many guests travel from abroad, the proximity of an international airport is of course also relevant.

The Weather

If your wedding day has a lot of outdoor activity make sure you have a plan B in case it rains. Don’t forget to spend some time planning Plan B, so that it is as good as plan A, otherwise it will be doubly frustrating if it actually rains on the wedding day.

Outdoors Wedding

If a marquee is the plan then book well in advance and make sure you take into account sufficient toilets, water, electricity and areas for catering.

Ideal Locations

Locations, which offer many different areas and possibilities, and in all weather conditions are ideal. So, a great outdoor area for a free wedding ceremony or a reception, but also a beautiful and completely separated room, should the weather not play along. In addition, ideally it should have accommodation at the venue, or in the vicinity.
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