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10 tips for choosing the perfect wedding rings

Finding the right wedding rings is often not easy. Which rings are the best for us? What advantages does a precious metal ring have? Too many to choose from? Are there cheaper options?… So many questions!

In order to make it easier for you to choose the perfect wedding rings, we have compiled  10 tips to help you to find your ideal wedding ring.

1. Find a ring that matches your individual style

In order to find a ring that you will enjoy throughout your life, it is important that you remain faithful to your style. Be aware of what type you are. Do you want a classic modern wedding or do you long for something extravagant? Wedding rings are a sign of love, and for this reason they should be chosen wisely, as they will accompany you for a lifetime.

2. Selecting a precious metal

The choice of precious metal requires some thought. If you have your own preference then that’s great! If you are still undecided, however, then some things to consider:

  • Your hair colour and skin tone.
    • “White” or silver-coloured precious metals are particularly suitable for fair skinned
    • Yellow gold, as well as copper-coloured precious metals suit darker complexions.
  • Allergies – make sure you if have metal allergies that you don’t react to your ring!
  • Costs – Silver is a timeless and classic precious metal that is comparatively cheap. However, other precious metals such as gold and platinum are characterized by their durability and are significantly more robust (at a price!). Palladium is a newer precious metal that is more commonly being used – it is cheaper but looks similar to platinum.

3. Gemstones

Choosing a wedding ring with a gemstone is, of course, dependent on the personal taste of the bride and groom. A classic diamond will look beautiful on any hand and can be a real eye-catcher. Silver-coloured metals such as white gold and platinum will work with many different gem types.

4. Determine your correct ring size

It is important to make sure you get the right size of ring. Any jewellers will be able to measure your ring finger size.

5. Add individual engravings to your wedding rings

Another option is to add an engraving to the inner part of the ring. This is a nice touch and personalises the ring with a message that conveys your love for each other.

 Here are some ideas for the personal ring engraving of your wedding rings:

  • “Your name loves name of your partner” on one ring, “your partner loves your name” on the other ring
  • Your wedding date
  • Name of you and your partner
  • The infinite sign – ∞ (symbolising forever)
  • “I love you”
  • “Yours forever”
  • “Forever”
  • “Forever and ever”
  • “In eternal love”
  • “Yesterday. Today. Forever.”
  • “True love never ends”

6. Saving money

Some ideas for saving money:

  • You can get much cheaper deals on the internet. Ebay even sells wedding rings! However proceed with care as you wont know what your getting until it arrives in the post. Buying online makes it even more important that you know your exact ring sizes.
  • Second hand rings – sold in some jewellery shops and online, you can get much cheaper rings if you don’t mind buying second hand.
  • Jewellery Quarters – Cheaper deals may be found in jewellery quarters. There are a few in the UK (Birmingham and London) and they consist of a significant number of jewellery shops all located on one road or in one area.

7. Individually Crafted and Designed Rings?

Would you like a traditional pre-made ring or do you want a handmade (but likely to be far more expensive) one that is adapted to your personal preferences and ideas? Decide in advance what you expect from your hunts. If you have a very specific idea in your head, then getting your idea handmade may be the only option.

8. Take time to choose

The choice of the perfect ring should not be rushed. Since the ring will be your daily companion for many, many years, you should take your time choosing the wedding rings.

9. Don’t be afraid to think about it

Sometimes its very easy to be caught up in the moment when you are choosing a ring. What if someone else buys it first? What if its the only one I like? If you aren’t 100% sure but like the ring ask the shop owner to hold onto it and then go and have a coffee to think whether its truly the one you want. That change in scenery and few moments to think can help you decide.

10. Agreeing the Design with you Partner

It is important to find a design that appeals to you both equally. If you cannot agree, then try and choose styles that complement each other. Try them on side by side or if they are from different shops then take pictures to compare them together.


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