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Weddings can get expensive……..I know when I got married I struggled to get my head round how much money I was spending and how fast it was leaving our bank accounts!

This article is the first part of a multi part series written for those couples who are looking for ways to supplement their income in the run up to their wedding day (and beyond).

There may be affiliate links in this post which means I may receive a commission if you purchase something through a link. However, please be assured that I only recommend products I have personally used and love!

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to earn an extra income online but its not a get rich quick scheme and takes hard work to be successful at. The benefits are that with a computer and a little time anyone can earn extra money.

So, what is affiliate marketing? Well, it’s the practice of recommending a companies products or services to potential customers, generating a sale and earning a commission in return.

There are many affiliate schemes that you can apply for online but not all affiliates are created equally so over the course of the next few posts I hope to highlight some of the best. The first one being a product called ClickFunnels. You dont need to know how to use ClickFunnels to be an affiliate (although it helps).

Here is a quick video that explains what Clickfunnels is:

The amazing thing about ClickFunnels is that for every person you sign up to the basic ClickFunnels plan, you will receive $38 (about £27) EVERY MONTH they are a subscriber!!!

If they sign up to the full suite that increases to $118 (about £86) EVERY MONTH they are a subscriber!!!

In addition ClickFunnels has a Dream Car incentive.

When you enroll 100 subscribers through your affiliate link, Clickfunnels will pay $500 monthly towards the lease of your dream car (you get this if you are in the UK as well)

If you sign up another 100 you then get $1000 towards the lease of an even dreamier car!

What is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online software tool that allows you to easily,quickly and visually build sales funnels. Their online page builder is very easy to use and very simple to publish to the internet

In addition, ClickFunnels provides extensive training and support for users to help them build profitable businesses.

ClickFunnels is the online business idea you never knew you had!

You want to start an online business but have no idea what to sell.

As an affiliate you can sell Clickfunnels to one of the millions of people who want to do the same!

So what is a Sales Funnel?

A funnel is the process that you lead your potential customers through to learn about you and/or your product(s) in the hope that they may:

  • Purchase your product
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Join your membership site
  • Attending your upcoming webinar

The ClickFunnels Affilate Program Features

  • The ClickFunnels affiliate programme pays a 40% lifetime recurring commission.
  • There is a second tier 5% commission when a buyer purchases from your affiliates.
  • Apart from the software, there are multiple products to promote
  • Clickfunnels provides comprehensive training for affiliates
  • Open to people in the UK

Anyone can apply to become a Clickfunnels affiliate and its free to join. There is a 14 days free trial that you can sign up to so that you understand what the product is and make sure you are happy promoting the software.

With 100 affiliate sign ups you will be earning nearly $4000/month recurring affiliate commission!

How To Promote Clickfunnels and Get Those 100 Sign Ups!

I won’t cover the strategies to promote ClickFunnels in this article, instead get the 14 day trial here:

Click Here to Go Straight to the 14 Day Click Funnels Trial

and feel free to ask any questions, by contacting me here




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